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All Week

Mon - Sat

Mon - Fri
9.30am - 2pm
5pm - 8pm

Offington Park Methodist Church, Broadwater Green / South Farm Road, BN14 7TN
Charities’ / Organisations information stands Information etc about mental health, where to get help. See each day (below) for opening times

6 October

9.30 - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm

10.00 am - 10.40

11.00am -12 noon

2pm - 3pm

2:30pm - 4:30pm

Exhibition / information stands

Launch of Worthing Mental Health Awareness Week Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Worthing: Cllr Micheal Donin and Linda Williams
Welcome - Rev James Bamber, Offington Park Methodist Church
Lighting of the Peace Candle : Rev Fadoju
Cllr Val Turner
: Adur and Worthing Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing - The Council’s response to the Government’s Mental Health Challenge

Carol Barber : outcomes from last year.

Tina Lashbrook, Mental Health Nurse for Worthing Churches Homeless Project, will explain how the challenges faced by her clients may cause, orexacerbate, both physical and mental health issues. She will  focus on the various ways she works with clients and other agencies to promote recovery

bring a packed lunch -  cafes and shops are nearby

Counting Our Blessings Workshop -
Rev Lucy West
Independent Minister  "Focusing on good feeling thoughts to create happier well being and experiences"
Lucy will draw on the work of Abraham Hicks and invite you to consider the causes of stress in your life at the moment, and how you might shift your thinking around these stresses to create a more positive outlook

The church will be open to provide an opportunity to see the harvest flowers

7 October

8:30am - 4pm

10.30am - 11.15am

Exhibition / information stands

Wellness Workshop
Representatives from Capital Projects Trust will lead this workshop. Participants will explore ways and strategies for maintaining and regaining emotion  wellness

Wednesday 8 October

8:30am - 7pm


10:10am -10:40am

11am - 11:30am

12:10 - 12:40pm

9:40am - 11am

2pm - 3pm

Exhibition / information stands open to view information stand, and to listen to talks. Just drop in. Free

Memory Assessment Team: Margaret Bracey Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - Sussex Partnership will give an overview of services and how early diagnosis and intervention improve the quality of lives for patients and their carers

Dementia Care in Hospital: Katrina O’Shea, Dementia Matron Worthing Hospital, will give an overview of the care provided in a hospital setting

A Home to Remember, LocalWorthing Mayor - Bob Smytherman is supporting Worthing Guild Care - visit their website Support and Services Guild Care
An opportunity to learn about the purpose built specialist dementia care home and wellbeing centre. Lynsey Tran has the latest news!

Worthing A DementiaAlzheimer's Society staff and volunteers provide both local information and over 2000 services
Friendly Town

Tim Wilkins Alzheimer’s Society - Service User Involvement Officer, will explain how Worthing is becoming a Dementia Friendly Town

Walking for Wellbeing with Broadwater Strollers - Meet David and Barbara at the Pavilion, Broadwater Green at 9:40am
Walks are mostly on flat ground. Choice of two walks, one is approx 35mins, the other 45min-1hr. Enjoy gentle exercise, friendship.  Return to the Pavilion for tea, coffee etc
50p for walk refreshments available, small charge

Dementia Friends Training Become a Dementia Friend -This is a free training / information session for everyone. Uderstand a bit more about dementia and little ways in which we can help. o exam or test involved. Duration - 50 mins approx. A Dementia Friend badge (forget-me-not) is awarded to all participants.
(training session led by Jacqui,Worthing Mayor - Bob Smytherman is supporting Worthing Guild Care - visit their website Guild Care)

9 October

8:30am - 7.30pm

10am - 12noon

Evening 7.30pm

Exhibition / information stands

Wellbeing Workshops -
10am Talk / Workshop  ‘Hope’
Rachel and Paula from Complement Wellbeing CIC explore the biology of anxiety in the body. Learn a couple of breathing exercises to help you relax.
11am Talk / Workshop ‘Peace’

In this workshop we look at a range of relaxation techniques based on the senses.

Film: - This film is based on the true story of the Jamaican bobsleigh team entering the Winter Olympics. 95 minute running time   (no interval)  BBFC Rating PG

10 October

8:30am - 8pm

9am - 1:30am

2pm - 2:40pm

Exhibition / information stands


An opportunity to walk a labyrinth. - This is similar to a maze but there are no dead ends or wrong turns. They have been used for centuries in churches as a tool for healing, a personal pilgrimage. You are invited to pause and reflect as you walk to the centre. Often people leave a token to symbolise something they need to let go of
Please bring  a pair of socks to wear. (some available)

Jane Blackwell from WSCC’s Library Service will talk about

  •   Books on Prescription Scheme which  incorporates the Reading Well scheme. These books are available from West Sussex Libraries.
  •   Reading Groups
  • Services for clients with memory loss

11 October

8:30am - 8pm

10am - noon

Exhibition / information stands

Coffee Morning - Alan Fletcher Hall (Offington Park Methodist Church) Coffee Morning in aid of Worthing Mental Health Awareness - this helps to support Worthing Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness

Worthing Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 6 October - Saturday 11 October 2014

Below is a schedule of the events that will be held this year in  support of Worthing Mental Health Awareness Week. Most of the events are at Offington Park Methodist Church and are free unless stated

Worthing Churches
Homeless Project

Pictures from Hopes and Dreams

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Is it the same now or have things in your life changed the things that you want, the things you dream about? A ten year old boy might not dream of owning his own home and raising a happy family but twenty years down the line that might be his greatest ambition. Worthing Churches Homeless Projects ran a project on Hopes and Dreams which culminated in an exhibition as part of the Worthing Arts Trail in June 2014 at Emmanuel United Reformed Church. The project called for 100 members of the public and 100 people who have used the services of Worthing Churches Homeless Projects to write down their hopes and dreams when they were children and their hopes for the future now which were then depicted by local artists and sold via silent auction to raise funds for the charity. The aim of the exhibition was to show that you cannot tell a persons accommodation status from their hopes and dreams. It reminds us that as children many of us want the same thing and that ultimately as adults our aims are simpler, often to be safe, comfortable and surrounded by friends and family or doing a job we enjoy.


The Launch of WORTHING Mental Health Awareness Week

Michael Donin Deputy Mayor of Worthing and Linda Williams Deputy Mayoress of Worthing.

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